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Location: Yangon Myanmar Expo
Date: 05/12-2019 (00:00) - 07/12-2019 (00:00)

Meet SKIOLD at the AgriLivestock exhibition, where we will show some of our equipment for pig feeding, penning, poultry and feed milling.

Exhibition Trang trại heo / Gia cầm

Đan mạch

Location: Fjembevej 7, Syvsten, 9300 Sæby
Date: 19/12-2019 (11:00 - 16:00)
Nhà máy thức ăn / Trang trại heo


Open Farm - Gaec des Frenes (France)

Location: Gaec des Frenes, Rue de Monthoux, 01430 Saint Martin du Frenes
Date: 14/01-2020 (13:30 - 17:00)

Thibault and Alexandre, cattle breeders of 110 dairy cows Montbéliardes in production PDO COMTE, will open their SKIOLD feed mill. For them, who produice their cereals and
incorporate soya seeds flattened it was important to become autonomous and to limit inputs. It's also an opportunity to exchange with our dealer, SELEM (01) with whom we realized this project.

Open Farm Nhà máy thức ăn