SKIOLD Finisher Unit

Finisher pigs

Modern production facilities for finisher pigs

Pigs are housed in the finisher unit during the period they grow from approx. 30-100 kg. The goal is to have healthy and stable production in a housing environment with the best conditions for animal health and growth - ensuring the production system is focused on profitability, biosecurity and food security.

The finisher units can be designed according to different types of penning and feeding principles. Depending on the choice of principle, SKIOLD offer complete solutions within feeding, penning and ventilation that meet the requirements based on the guidelines for the individual types of penning.

Pen design for finishers

For optimal growth, the finishers sets great demands on the pen design and requires a high level of hygiene and suitable climate conditions in the unit. A well-considered pen design where the needs of the finishers - together with usability and functionality - are the focal point, ensuring an efficient and profitable production. The pen design has great importance for the pigs' well-being and growth both of which are essential for healthy and profitable production. User friendliness and functionality are therefore our primary focus so as to minimise the daily working routine and maximise efficiency.

The pens are designed with plenty of space for the pigs, not only to meet their needs when eating and drinking, but also to allow them to exhibit their natural behaviour. The pigs must be able to move around in the pens with a high degree of welfare which requires consideration when designing the resting, eating, activity and dunging areas. A good housing environment is achieved by good ventilation, correct temperature and plenty of light.

Ventilation, heating and cooling

The climate in the finisher unit is of great importance for your animals performance, and should be optimal for both animals and employees. Therefore SKIOLD continuously work to minimize energy consumption and optimize reliability for all our climate systems. SKIOLD is a total supplier of ventilation for pig farms; negative pressure, equal pressure, diffuse pressure, combi-diffuse as well as tunnel ventilation. The SKIOLD VisioVent controls all climate solutions covering diffuse ventilation, controlled air intake, tunnel and combi-tunnel ventilation, as well as heating, soaking, high pressure cooling and sprinkling.

Feeding of finishers

In the finisher unit, focus is on a high and healthy growth. One of the important factors is that the finishers have a good appetite - among other ensured by good growth conditions in the pen. The pens can be designed to suit different feeding principles, depending on your choise of feeding system - either as dry feeding or liquid feeding

Target is to secure enough and correct feed troughout the pigs lifecyclus and to ensure access to fresh water and fresh feed with high hygiejne level. Our Maximat Porker with aqua meet these requirements. The feeder with ad lib feeding is to be placed in the partition between pens. MaxiMat Porker has been designed and constructed based on the principles of easy cleaning, sturdiness and a high degree of hygiene. MaxiMat Porker is equipped with a stainless steel trough with drinkers in both sides. The feeding system can be single line, double line, phase feeding or multi phase feeding for those who really want to optimize feeding strategy.

Water for finishers

Water is vital to ensure good feed intake, growth and meet animal welfare needs. Finishers must have free access to water at all times as they drink 5-10
litres per day. Water can be supplied via drinking valves or cups placed in the activity or dunging area of the pen. In addition, the valve or cup should be placed at the
correct height for the animals in order to accommodate both new and finished animals. Alternatively, several valves can be set up at different heights to and
help eliminate competition between different sizes of animals. Water can be supplied via SKIOLD Maximat Aqua, SKIOLD Akvamat, drinking valves or cups placed in the activity or dunging area of the pen.

Flooring for finisher houses

The floor in finisher housing can be designed with non-slip concrete flooring with a greater or lesser degree of opening. It is possible to provide a part of the floor with slats, which can be combined with drained flooring and/ or solid flooring. A solid floor in the building reduces the amount of ammonia evaporation and therefore results in higher welfare for the pigs. When the pigs have the opportunity to divide the pen with a resting area and a dunging area, the dung deposition on the slatted floor is ensured. For that reason, the slatted floor must be big enough for grown finishers not to dung on the solid floor.


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