Pig pens

SKIOLD supplies high quality, durable pig pens that are animal-friendly and easy to clean with good access to feed and water

Our penning solutions take all aspects of the pig farming into consideration eg. flooring, penning design and material, water supply and above all animal welfare. Read more about our high quality penning solutions for weaners, finishers, mating, gestation and nursery below. 

Good design for high performance, well-being and work environment

The design of a pen has great influence on the performance and well-being of the pigs. A good pen design facilitates high level of productivity by providing the pigs with good access to feed and water and features that support their natural and social behavior. Pen design also makes a difference to the staff and the right design makes the work flow easier and more efficient.

The right choice of materials influences the results of your production

The material used in the pens has great impact on longevity and durability of the equipment. It also plays a big role in relation to pig health as materials that are easy to clean will improve hygiene in the barn and reduce the risk of transmitting diseases between batches.

Need to know more? We are ready to advise you on how to design the ideal penning system for your pig farm