Grand Opening of Hanh Phuc Rice, Vietnam

It is with pride that we together with Tan Long Group have launched Hanh Phuc Rice Mill, the largest paddy rice handling and storage facility in Southeast Asia

with a total storage capacity of 240,000 tons in the area of 16 hectare in An Giang Province, the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. The event was attended by the President of Vietnam Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

President of Vietnam Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc (second to the right in the first row) cut the ribbons together with Chairman of Tan Long Group Mr. Truong Sy Ba 

For this project, SKIOLD has been working with Tan Long in consulting, designing, and supplying the most modern post-harvest handling and storage solutions for Hanh Phuc Rice Plant including systems for unloading, cleaning, drying, storing, conveying, monitoring and control system.

SKIOLD is the proud supplier of this new high-end paddy rice handling facility, that will become the most modern cleaning, drying and storage solution fully focused on preserving the quality of the rice under tropical climate conditions. Annually, the factory will process up to several hundred thousand tons rice, with a total silo storage capacity of 240,000 tons, making it the largest project for SKIOLD in Vietnam and also the largest rice plant ever constructed in Vietnam.

The silos standing against the sky preserve the rice under tropical climate conditions, being equipped with an intelligent control system to control the heat, humidity, level of C02 as well as to ensure high level of traceability for the stored paddy rice.

SKIOLD has also provided the sophisticated and highly efficient unloading and cleaning system, including the world’s first-of-its-kind continuous mixed flow dryer that will ensure that the rice quality is as high as can be.

Accordingly, SKIOLD Group’s CEO Soren Overgaard states: “The hi-tech solutions for this project have been developed from our decades of know-how in grain handling in Denmark and throughout Europe, adapted to the environment and operations in Vietnam. Reaching 144-year anniversary this year, SKIOLD Group has been part of many large projects, but this one in particular stands out due to the size and the technology level. This is not only a “lighthouse” project for Vietnam - it has also brought attention across Asia and across the global food chain.”

View from the river to the state-of-the art rice handling and storage facility of Hahn Phuc Rice.

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Hanh Phuc Rice

Installation of the largest paddy rice handling and storage facility in Vietnam

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