Cost-effective layout and construction

An aqua feed extrusion plant from SKIOLD is a module based construction and a large part of the construction will be based on Off-site production, therefore a SKIOLD Aqua feed mill is quick and easy to build. The layout is cost-effective and the plant constructed in a one-level building that can be sourced from local contractors.

Steel structures are delivered as an integral part of the technology package and are easy to mount with bolts on site. SKIOLD will typically supervise the construction locally which may well be carried out by local mechanical and electrical contractors. Part of the delivery also includes commissioning and process operator education and training by skilled aqua feed engineers with regional experience.

Vertical or horisontal design

Building a feed mill can be done either vertical or horizontal. The vertical design is made by placing the processing equipment in towers, and the horizontal placing as much equipment as possible on the floor. After building hundreds of feed mills around the world, SKIOLD primarily choose the horizontal design because it is the most efficient solution for our customers:

The benefits are: 

  • to facilitate accessibility, easier to get around the factory with trucks and materials
  • to increase productivity, as working on one floor is faster than working on several floors
  • to save costs for the building, since tall buildings are generally much more expensive
  • to make faster on site construction time

To obtain more capacity SKIOLDs solution is prepared to easily be expanded by adding a second production line and/or adding and modifying on the installed equipment.

SKIOLD aqua feed mills are batching plants, usually 1 tons per batch normally with 5-10 batches/h. With a 1 tons batch system, the capacity will be 10 t/h with 10 batches/h.